Unemployment Health Insurance Plans–Are Affordable Healthcare Options Available Outside Of COBRA?

Short-term health insurance plans for unemployed individuals have been used over the past months as a way to provide some form of healthcare coverage while jobless men and women continue to seek employment which offers them health insurance plans that are more inclusive, when it comes to medical treatments that are covered. Yet, unemployed men and women seem to feel that health insurance is something that should not be considered while they are living on such a fixed income, if they have any income at all.

In the past, COBRA benefits have been used by unemployed individuals who sought to continue some form of health insurance coverage in their lives, but there are arguments that short-term health insurance plans are more affordable than COBRA in some cases, which is something that will benefit unemployed men and women.

However, short-term health insurance plans are typically only acquired to allow policyholders the ability to avoid high medical costs related to catastrophic medical treatment. Essentially, those who use the short-term health insurance plans, like unemployed men and women or individuals who are self-employed, are only covered in an instance where a traumatic event occurs and high medical costs are required.

Obviously, personal injuries or accidents could occur which may necessitate medical treatment that is quite expensive, but for unemployed individuals who have this short-term health insurance coverage, they are able to avoid these high medical costs. Typically, short-term health insurance plans are not very helpful when it comes to meeting costs for routine treatment, but they can be beneficial when it comes to preventing unaffordable medical costs if medical treatment is needed for some major reason.

Plans for short-term health insurance do differ, but unemployed individuals who are without medical coverage have been able to find affordable options which can cover them again high medical costs at a time when they are without any medical coverage at all.