Seasonal Job Opportunities For Unemployed–Will Temporary Jobs Lead To Permanent Work For Some?

Seasonal job opportunities for unemployed men and women may be more available this year, as opposed to 2009, but many men and women are wondering if the seasonal opportunities may lead to more full-time employment opportunities. Retailers have stated that they plan to do more hiring than last year simply because they are seeing small improvements in the economy and consumer spending, but these levels of hiring for seasonal jobs are not at pre-recession levels yet.

However, there are some men and women who feel that a seasonal job opportunity may offer them the chance to at least get their foot in the door when it comes to finding a more permanent employment position. While various companies hire workers during the holiday season to handle a higher level of demand, individuals who are seeking this part-time employment or temporary job placement feel they may be in a more beneficial position when it comes to getting hired for a more permanent job opportunity if they show themselves to be an asset.

As reports indicate that the economy is slowly improving, there are still some who feel there is quite a long way to go before any financial stability may be seen or unemployment numbers may drop. Countless individuals are still without a job and face the loss of their unemployment benefits at the end of the year if an extension is not passed.

Numerous Americans have been relying on unemployment benefits as a way to sustain some form of income during these difficult employment times, but as extensions may soon expire, more men and women are relying upon either a tier 5 unemployment benefits extension or hoping that more businesses will begin to provide job opportunities in the coming weeks which may last for a substantial length of time.

However, one problem that may stem from an increase in hiring for seasonal job opportunities is the concern that this particular job market will be heavily competitive as the number of unemployed men and women seeking seasonal job opportunities far outnumber the amount of positions which may be available.