Despite Fall In Jobless Claims Call For Unemployment Benefits Extensions Continue

Reports indicate that jobless claims fell last week, but there are still troubles that must be overcome before the employment sector even begins to show signs of improvement. For months men and women who have been unemployed for 99 weeks or more have been calling for unemployment benefits extensions, particularly a tier 5 benefits extension.

The issue of unemployment benefits is one which is highly debated and has caused a great deal of arguing from both sides as many feel that extending unemployment benefits only creates a lack of want for unemployed men and women to find a job. Yet, those who have been unemployed and seeking a job for the long-term state that unemployment benefits are not offered at a level that allows someone out of work to live in luxury.

Long-term unemployed individuals often state that these benefits, while helpful, do not meet all of one’s necessary financial demands, and do not promote long-term unemployment across the nation. While there have been proposals in some cases for a tier 5 unemployment benefits extension, Congress has not addressed this issue heavily in quite some time.

Continued calls for unemployment benefits extensions do have many speculating that the issue may be addressed, but there are those who feel the issue has little hope of even going to a vote before Congress. While this could change after the midterm elections, long-term unemployed men and women are still seeking employment opportunities but are desperate for some form of income like that from unemployment benefits.