Long-Term Unemployed Seek Opportunities For Unemployment Benefits Extension–Is Unemployment Still An Issue?

The unemployment rate still remains high across the nation and many individuals who are still looking for a job still have unemployment benefits extensions on their mind. While there has been little talk over extending unemployment benefits, especially since this hot button issue is not something that candidates wish to discuss as midterm elections near, there are many men and women who are calling for a tier 5 benefits extension of their unemployment insurance.

However, many people continue to wonder if unemployment benefits extensions are an issue, as there are mixed reports on the job market. Some would argue that there are jobs available and companies are hiring, while others point to the fact that businesses are keeping cash on hand and keeping their workforce low, simply because they are able to get their work done with fewer people.

While there have been accusations that small business lending was low, which led to slow growth in the private sector, there have been various pieces of legislation which have passed through Congress and have not only provide small business lending opportunities, but a hiring tax credit for employers as well.

Yet, long-term unemployed men and women are still having trouble finding job opportunities that allow them to return to their former financial life. Obviously, unemployment difficulties are being felt in areas like housing despite mortgage assistance plans being offered. Many homeowners are simply unable to afford all of their financial obligations because they either have no income, are relying on the meager income unemployment benefits bring, or are underemployed and have seen a severe cutback in their wages.

Previously, there were signs of hope as private-sector jobs had increased, but the most recent reports indicated private-sector job growth took a setback.

Many unemployed men and women who are planning to vote in the midterm elections are looking for candidates who may sponsor either an unemployment benefits extension or will at least further the efforts being made to create more jobs. While there is the belief that there are jobs available, the number of openings and opportunities are simply too few at the present time to help reduce the unemployment problem we have in our nation.