Debt Relief Assistance Programs For Consumers–No Upfront Fees Allowed

Numerous individuals seek national debt relief assistance or credit counseling services in the hopes of erasing unsecured debts, like common credit card debt, but there are fraudulent services and companies which have looked to take advantage of individuals in a difficult financial position. Over the past months, consumers across the nation have attempted to find national debt relief aid through various organizations and programs, but there are some cases where consumers have been scammed and have lost money.

Yet, there are various nonprofit organizations, and even for-profit companies who are reputable and can help consumers with their various debt relief needs. However, in a move to help protect consumers, the FTC has stated that companies who sell debt relief services may no longer charge an upfront fee before they assist the consumer.

Again, many consumers need help dealing with credit card debt or other forms of financial obligations, and starting October 27, 2010, these companies will be forced to assist consumers with their debt relief needs before they can collect a fee.

While there are sources to check an organization’s reliability, like the FTC’s website, Google, or even the Better Business Bureau which can be consulted by consumers who are planning to work with a specific debt relief company, there are still many men and women who are taken advantage of each year simply because they feel that a representative or an organization can help them with their debt difficulties.

It’s hoped that these new laws will prevent consumers from paying upfront costs to debt relief companies and perhaps not getting the debt assistance they seek. While, there are some cases where a consumer’s debt situation may not benefit from a debt relief service or credit counseling agency, for those who may be in a situation to profit from such services, fees paid before assistance is given will now no longer be a problem for consumers.