Affordable Employer Group Health Insurance Plans And Short-Term Healthcare Plans For Unemployed

Health insurance has been a major concern for many individuals both employed and unemployed, over the past months as new legislation changes healthcare laws in our nation. However, for some employers and unemployed men and women, healthcare seems unaffordable at the present time, under current economic conditions.

Yet, there are those who feel that affordable health insurance options for employers are available, especially since a healthcare tax credit is currently available to certain small businesses. Also, for companies who may not qualify for this tax credit, there are arguments that employer group health insurance plans offer affordable options for companies who seek to cover their workers in case of sudden illness or injury which necessitate costly medical treatment.

Arguments in favor of health insurance plans through group healthcare programs state that an employer has numerous workers over which risk will be spread and, as a result, premiums can be quite affordable for almost any company. Costs of meeting medical care without health insurance options can be quite difficult for workers who may not have insurance options from their employer.

However, the question over how unemployed men and women can get affordable health insurance also arises as unemployment still remains a problem for many. While benefits from COBRA have been used by some men and women who lost their job, short-term health insurance plans have also been purchased by those who are without insurance from their employer.

Short-term health insurance plans can be more affordable than COBRA payments for unemployed men and women in some cases, but may only cover catastrophic medical needs.  While these plans have become more popular for unemployed individuals, they are typically only used in case major medical costs arise and are not meant to cover routine visits.