Reports Say Millions Of Job Opportunities Needed For Unemployed–Will A Call For Unemployment Benefits Extension Continue?

Continued arguments for unemployment extensions, particularly a tier five unemployment benefits extension, continue to come from unemployed men and women as the unemployment rate remains stagnant as of September 2010. Unemployment stayed at 9.6% for the month of September, which is unchanged from the previous month, but more so, recent reports indicating that millions of jobs need to be added to restore those lost during the recession have many troubled.

Some reports indicate that 11.5 million jobs would be needed to restore unemployment levels to the lower rate which was seen before the recession. Numerous unemployed men and women have often been quoted as saying there are simply not enough jobs available, despite the fact that there are job opportunities open.

Understandably, there are some companies and organizations who are hiring and there are job opportunities that can be found, but the amount of unemployed men and women who are seeking work versus the number of positions that are available are at odds. Long-term unemployed men and women argue that employers are asking that more qualifications or experience be required for positions that, before the recession, did not require such strict standards.

If these reports are correct, the 11.5 million jobs which need to be added in order to fully recover from the recession will not be quickly added to the economy as there are numerous companies which are hesitant to hire.

Reports like this are adding fuel to the drive of long-term unemployed men and women who are asking that a tier 5 unemployment benefits extension be passed. Countless individuals are relying upon unemployment income simply to make ends meet, but there are those who feel that with so many men and women out of work and the job market changing as employers no longer need as many individuals to run their operations or can be more particular in their qualifications for certain job positions, the job market is getting more difficult.

However, a bright spot in the job market and unemployment troubles may be that private-sector jobs are, reportedly, on the rise but, overall jobs were down due to cuts in state and local government levels. While some see these increases in private-sector hiring to be a positive, if the overall jobs which were lost outnumber those being created, basic math shows that more jobs will need to be created in the coming months. Yet, it’s hoped that this report that 11.5 million jobs are needed to restore the job market to its old strength will begin to dwindle, but those who have been facing unemployment for months feel that more efforts need to be made in a timelier fashion to either create job opportunities or provide benefit extensions for the unemployed.