Home Loan Mortgage Refinancing To Pay Off Debt–Should Homeowners Use Cash From Equity To Erase Other Debts?

There are homeowners who have been turning to mortgage refinancing as a way to gain the funding they need to erase various debts. Options like cash-out refinancing have allowed homeowners with equity in their home to simply take money from their mortgage and apply it to other debt sources like credit cards or personal loans.

However, this type of refinancing is often highly debated as there are arguments both for and against this cash-out option. Homeowners who use cash-out refinancing to erase credit card debt, for instance, argue that despite attaching a higher amount of debt on a home, the interest rate associated with a mortgage is typically lower than rates associated with credit cards.

On the other hand, recent use of this cash-out practice has caused many advisers to warn homeowners against attaching unsecured debt to their secured home loan. These advisers often point out that homeowners may have poor financial habits which led to credit card debts that they could not repay, and if a similar situation arises concerning their mortgage, a homeowner will simply lose their home.

Troubling financial times have caused debts to get out of hand for many individuals, but caution needs to be taken when a homeowner considers using refinancing as a way to pay down certain debts. Homeowners who have successfully used cash-out refinancing over the past months have gained a higher mortgage payment or overall mortgage debt, obviously, but these homeowners have stopped purchasing on credit and focused as much money as they can towards paying off their home loan debt.

Opportunities like cash-out refinancing have been helpful for some, but homeowners who may have poor financial practices which have caused their credit card debts to get out of hand may not want to increase the amount they go on their home simply to erase unsecured debt. While other factors come into play concerning cash-out refinancing, any homeowner who may be considering this type of opportunity needs to look at their credit score, income, and overall financial position before turning to this type of home loan refinancing to erase debt.