Health Insurance And The Unemployed–Are Healthcare Options For Unemployed Available Outside Of COBRA?

Many unemployed men and women who may have exhausted their COBRA benefits or simply did not qualify have found health insurance options in the form of short-term health insurance plans. Healthcare costs are something that many individuals are unable to afford outside of a insurance plan, but when it comes to health insurance for those who are without a job, the situation can be complicated.

There are numerous types of health insurance plans that an unemployed individual can purchase, but lately, many men and women who are without a job and living on little or no income feel that health insurance costs are something that simply is not a priority. Yet, short-term health insurance plans are affordable options for individuals who may simply look to cover themselves in case of a major medical emergency.

Typically, short-term health insurance plans for the unemployed can be more affordable than the costs associated with COBRA benefits, which means they can be obtained by almost anyone without a full-time job with benefits. While the short-term health insurance options usually will not cover preventative treatment or simple doctor visits for common ailments, they can be helpful if a sudden medical emergency arises which will necessitate a high amount of costly medical treatment.

These plans, which are usually only meant to cover costs associated with catastrophic medical need, can be one-way which unemployed men and women cover themselves in case of a sudden medical emergency. Treatment for things like personal injury or automobile accidents, and similar occurrences, can be incredibly costly and could cause a great deal of trouble for anyone who is uninsured, be they unemployed or not.

However, unemployed men and women have turned to these options at the present time in order to insure themselves against high medical expenses, which again, cannot be met in their current situation. While these short-term health insurance plans can be helpful for unemployed men and women who may be uninsured, they have also been an affordable way which men and women have found insurance options to cover themselves until they can find employment which will offer them a more expansive healthcare plan.