Cash-Out Refinancing To Erase Credit Card Debt–Can Homeowners Use Equity For Debt Relief Options?

Some homeowners have been using cash-out refinancing as a way to handle certain debts, like those associated with credit cards which are commonly a problem in the lives of many individuals across the nation. Erasing debt has become a priority for many as difficult financial times have either necessitated that individuals either focus their income on other areas, like their mortgage, or some consumers are simply attempting to pay down debt in case difficult financial times arise.

Yet, there is question over whether cash-out refinancing is the best method to use when it comes to paying off credit card debt. Essentially, this type of refinancing allows the homeowner to gain money from their home when they refinance and, in many cases, these funds are used to pay off debts like those associated with credit cards or personal loans.

There are advisors who argue this may not be the best action since a homeowner is basically attaching unsecured debts to their secured home loan debt. Understandably, homeowners who are unable to pay off various debts and attach them to their mortgage through cash-out refinancing may stand to face more difficulties than a simple drop in their credit score if they are unable to meet higher costs on their home loan.

Those who are against cash-out refinancing have warned homeowners that if these added costs cannot be paid a homeowner will lose their home, which is one reason many feel that using this type of refinancing is not beneficial for everyone. Yet, there are homeowners who point out the fact that interest rates on home loans are typically lower than those associated with credit card debt, so money may be saved in the long run.

On the other hand, there are those who are quick to point out that adding to a mortgage principal will extend the repayment lifetime and can cost more when interest is factored in. There have been some homeowners who have combated this problem by simply making more than their minimum monthly payment on their home loan, but this strategy is rare since many homeowners who use cash-out refinancing do so because they have trouble meeting certain financial obligations.

Homeowners who have successfully used cash-out refinancing are typically those who have made it a point to avoid acquiring more debt after they have used their home’s equity to erase certain obligations like credit card payments. While, again, there are many who feel adding extra costs to one’s home loan is a bad decision, homeowners who use this type of refinancing are advised to take special note of the interest costs and repayment time period that will be associated with their home so as to avoid financial troubles down the road.