Job Opportunities For Unemployed And Jobless Claims–Is A Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Out Of The Question?

Unemployment remains a topic at the forefront for many individuals who are either jobless at the present time or are unemployed. While there are claims that job opportunities for unemployed men and women are on the rise and jobless claims have fallen, there is concern over whether unemployment extensions are out of the question or if the long-term unemployed may have hope.

While Congress is in recess, there will obviously be no further action taken on this front, but many unemployed men and women still hope this issue will be reintroduced once Congress has returned to session since unemployment still remains a problem for countless individuals. Despite the fact that reports have indicated jobless claims are down, there are arguments that this is due in part to the long-term unemployed men and women who have simply exhausted their unemployment insurance.

Yet, it’s believed that as the economy improves and more jobs are reported to be added from the private sector, extensions for unemployment may become less likely. However, there are those who hope these extensions in unemployment benefits will not be needed as the holiday season draws near and there are some analysts who say more jobs may be created at the present time.

A tier five unemployment benefits extension is something that is researched daily by unemployed men and women as many have become reliant upon the income they receive from their unemployment insurance to simply meet their most basic costs. While there are unemployed mortgage assistance plans available which can offer forbearance options for some homeowners, income from unemployment is still meager and is not a long-term solution to economic troubles for homeowners.

While some hope that extensions of unemployment benefits will be passed in the coming months, there are more individuals who wish to see a greater deal of focus pointed towards areas that will create jobs in our nation so that unemployment benefits extensions will be unnecessary and the unemployment rate will drop.