Consolidation Loans For Consumer Debt–Are Loans And Credit Card Balance Transfers A Good Idea?

Many consumers turn to consolidation loans for various debts like credit cards, personal loans, or simply a combination of various debt obligations. While some individuals with only specific types of debt, like credit card debt, turn to credit card balance transfer options as a way to consolidate their credit card debts, consolidation loans often come with mixed feelings on the part of financial advisers.

Understandably, consumers who use consolidation loans as a way to compress various debts into one monthly payment do so simply because a consolidation loan payment can be more affordable and easier to make since, again, one payment per month is all that is required. Yet, many financial advisers feel that the overall costs associated with consolidation loans are simply too high for these options to be used.

Some consumers may pay much more than they have to when interest and time are factored into a consolidation loan repayment schedule. However, those who are concerned about missing various debt payments or those who cannot afford various debt payments may choose consolidation loans simply because they are more affordable in the short-term.

Consumers who use consolidation loans or credit card balance transfers are often advised to be wary of the repayment schedule, minimum monthly payments, and interest rates when they seek out these types of debt assistance plans. While, again, there are some individuals who simply choose these options as a way to get a more affordable payment on their debt, those who can afford to do so may be able to combat their debts separately at much less cost overall.

Yet, individuals who are in need of assistance through consolidation plans may still be able to erase their debt at less total cost if they will make more than the minimum monthly payment requirement on their consolidation loan or on a credit card where they have transferred their balance from other cards.