North Carolina Unemployment Benefits Recall–Unemployed Asked To Repay Unemployment Income

Unemployment benefits have been a lifeline for numerous individuals over the past months as some jobless men and women have been reliant upon this income to simply stay afloat in their financial life. While unemployment benefits do not provide individuals with an income that can help them meet the entirety of their needs in many cases, the situation may have worsened for some jobless men and women in North Carolina.

According to the Raleigh News and Observer, the Employment Security Commission has begun reducing the benefits of many unemployed workers since $28 million was paid out incorrectly to some receiving unemployment insurance. It was stated in an article on the News and Observer website that this miscalculation has been known since January but, due to computer programming difficulties, the situation has not been resolved until now.

Understandably, there’s a great deal of outrage from many unemployed individuals who are simply struggling with the major income they are getting from these benefits, but when they are told they owe money or they see their weekly unemployment check drastically reduced, it becomes a greater difficulty for those who are barely getting by as it is.

While there can be assistance provided to these individuals, and it is encouraged that those who are suffering because of this mistake contact the unemployment commission to discuss their case, there are, obviously, a great deal of unemployed men and women trying to appeal their case, have their benefits restored, or at least be forgiven of what they may owe.

Again, those impacted by this recall are advised to contact the state Employment Security Commission to speak with a representative who may be able to help, but there could be cases where individuals may have to deal with a reduction in their unemployment benefits or repay some of the income they had received.