Repairing A Bad Credit History–Can A Poor Credit Score Be Repaired With Credit Cards?

Consumers who have fallen upon hard times as of late in their personal financial life have come to the point where many they may be able to begin the process of repairing a bad credit history. A poor credit score can often cause a great deal of difficulty in someone’s financial life but there have been many consumers who have used credit cards to build a better credit history after suffering setbacks in their finances.

While some individuals are able to use unsecured credit cards to make purchases and promptly pay them off from month to month, which can build a better credit history, there are those who may be unable to use these types of credit cards. Typically, when a bad credit score is involved, interest rates on credit cards can become unmanageable in some cases or, for some, access to unsecured credit cards may be denied.

Yet, there are offers for unsecured credit cards from numerous reputable lenders that can help consumers repair a bad credit history. While a secured credit card works similarly to an unsecured card, credit cards in any form are no guarantee to a better credit score. Again, there have been those who have simply fallen upon troubling times and as a result have acquired a poor credit score due to missed payments or simply letting their debt get out of control.

However, for consumers and cardholders who have simply practiced bad financial habits, a secured credit card or unsecured credit card will not be helpful unless more disciplined spending practices are put into place. Cardholders who have been successful over the past months at rebuilding their credit score have simply budgeted wisely, made smart purchases, and stayed on track with their credit card repayment schedule.

There have also been some financial advisers who suggest planning credit card purchases in such a way that credit card charges can be paid off in full each month, rather than making minimum monthly payments. By only making minimum payments, a cardholder may pay more thanks to interest, or may have trouble down the line if debt continues to build.

Again, secured credit cards or unsecured credit cards can be used to build a better credit history and repair a bad credit score, but it all comes down to the cardholder’s responsibility with their credit. Obviously, poor spending habits and budgeting techniques could do more damage to one’s credit score or, at best, will simply keep the cardholder in their current bad credit position.