National Credit Card Debt Relief Programs–What Forms Of Credit Card Debt Assistance Are Available?

Credit card debt has become a problem for many Americans for various reasons. Difficult economic times and job troubles have caused many to be reliant upon their credit cards for certain purchases, and in some cases these charges have gotten out of control and a large amount of credit card debt has accrued. Yet, there are also those who have simply practiced poor financial habits but are now looking for ways to handle their credit card debt.

However, there have been consumers who have sought out assistance through various national debt relief programs that can help erase credit card debt. Sadly, many of these national debt relief programs have been unhelpful to cardholders and are simply fraudulent organizations who wish to take advantage of individuals who are they bad financial position.

There are nonprofit organizations and credit counseling agencies that can be beneficial in helping cardholders gain control over their credit card debt and began a program which allows them to erase their debt but consumers are being cautioned against unsolicited or shady debt relief offers.

The FTC warns against companies who advise consumers to stop paying their debts, to pay their creditors through a debt relief organization, who charge excessive fees for their services, or who guarantee that debt can be erased for a minimal amount. When it comes to repaying credit card debt, or any other unsecured forms of debt, there are no certainties but fraudulent debt relief companies often claim that they can guarantee quick and cheap debt relief assistance.

While again, there are debt relief organizations and even national debt relief companies that may be helpful to certain consumers, cardholders are often advised to research these organizations before proceeding. There are excellent credit counseling agencies and nonprofit organizations that can be quite helpful in assisting a cardholder manage their credit card debt, but consulting sources like the Better Business Bureau or simply researching a company online has kept many consumers from making a wrong decision when it comes to finding a national debt relief program.