Lower Car Payments For Car Owners At Risk Of Default–What Plans Are Available To Lower Car Loan Costs?

There have been many consumers who have either lost their job or seen cutbacks in their wages from their place of employment and have had trouble meeting certain costs like their car loan. For many, a car is vital and when car payments become difficult to meet there is concern over whether the car owner will be able to keep their automobile or if they will face repossession.

Yet, many car owners have been looking to programs like the home loan modification plan as a template for debt relief when it comes to their auto loan. While there is no modification program available from the government for car loans, many individuals have called their lender to ask about solutions for their troubled financial situation.

It has been reported that individuals who have kept their car payments current may be able to work with their car loan lender to obtain more affordable payments through methods like lower interest rates, the extension of a car loan term, or the simple reduction of a minimum monthly car loan payment.

Some financial advisers suggest that car owners contact their lender if they are having trouble meeting their car loan payments and ask for more affordable options like the extension of their car loan term. While there could be fees associated with this extension and a car owner may be paying more over the long run when interest is factored in, individuals who are concerned about missed payments may be willing to take these added costs over the lifetime of their car loan repayment period.

However, there have been car owners who have turned to other sources as a way to meet their car loan payment. Those who are in a financial position that will afford them opportunity to do so have often gotten a personal loan at a much lower interest rate than that on their car loan and have used the funds from the personal loan to erase their car loan debt and gain lower monthly payments as a result. Understandably, not every car owner may be able to acquire a personal loan that will offer them lower monthly mortgage payments than those on their car loan, but this has been an option some have used.

Essentially, car owners who are having trouble meeting their car loan payment must decide whether they want to trade their car for a less expensive automobile or if they are willing to work with their lender to find a more affordable payment option. Some car owners have simply fallen into such a difficult financial time that they cannot meet their car loan payment any longer, but there are methods that have been used over the past months which have allowed individuals who are struggling with their finances to still meet their car loan payment obligation.