Job Opportunities For The Unemployed–Is The Job Market Growing Or Are We In A Jobless Recovery?

Countless unemployed men and women are looking for job opportunities during a time where unemployment is high, housing troubles continue, and job openings seem to be slow. Reports that state the recession is over do give hope to some unemployed men and women who have been struggling over the past months but there is still recovery that is yet to be seen on a personal level for many Americans.

Many are eyeing hiring reports and job additions in various economic sectors and companies, and recently it was reported that the private job sector actually added jobs in August, which was another sign pointing to the possibility of an improvement in the job market. However, unemployed men and women who are still seeking job opportunities are simply unconvinced that we are on our way out of this poor economic condition and will only believe these facts and figures when results are seen in their personal lives.

President Obama has repeatedly stated that the recession, jobs, and other troubles like housing simply cannot be corrected overnight, which is true, but these sentiments have still been unhelpful for many who have been out of work for the long-term, relying upon unemployment benefits, have lost their home, or who are working in a job that is well beneath their skills and qualification level.

Unemployed men and women have looked for job opportunities at governmental agencies, state agencies, have attended job fairs, dealt with temporary employment companies, and sought assistance through job placement services but there are still many who are without a job or who are dealing with the trouble of underemployment.

While mortgage assistance plans for unemployed homeowners are available through initiatives like the Home Affordable Unemployment Program, tier 5 unemployment benefit extensions are still being called for and unemployment numbers remain painfully high.  There is question as to whether we are seeing a true recovery or simply a jobless recovery which has been unhelpful to middle-class Americans.

There have been various reports which have stated many businesses have record levels of cash on hand but are still unwilling to hire. This, traditionally, points to uncertainty in the economy, which can be understandable but is also somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Companies who have the money to hire, yet have chosen not to, seem to be prolonging housing troubles, unemployment, and are not giving consumers the opportunities they need to earn an income that could help stabilize business and the housing market.

While there are reports that more jobs are being opened, made available, or created, Americans who have been out of work for a substantial amount of time feel that results should have come faster and need to increase more rapidly in the future. While numerous Americans still struggle with unemployment, there are job opportunities that are available, only not yet at levels which can benefit the number of unemployed individuals who are seeking some form of employment.