Health Insurance Plans For Unemployed–Are There Healthcare Plans Outside Of COBRA for Unemployed?

Many unemployed men and women have been relying on COBRA in order to meet their healthcare needs after being laid off from their place of employment. It’s understandable that men and women who have lost their jobs are looking for ways to meet healthcare costs while they continue to seek alternative employment opportunities.

Yet, unemployed men and women may be able to take advantage of the short-term health insurance plans while they continue to look for employment that will provide them with the healthcare coverage they need. Short-term health insurance plans can be purchased for terms of 6 to 12 months and can be relatively inexpensive. It’s for this reason that many men and women have turned to these options when it comes to finding health insurance that may help them in a time where they are without a job.

There are many individuals who feel that once they are unemployed health insurance is low on the list of high-priority expenses, however, these short-term health insurance plans have allowed many unemployed men and women to keep themselves covered in the case of a catastrophic emergency. There are some short-term health insurance options that may give discounts for preventive treatments, but many unemployed men and women have used the short-term health insurance options as a way to cover themselves in the case of a major medical emergency.

While these short-term healthcare options may not make a routine visit to the doctor more affordable, they have been beneficial in helping unemployed men and women who may have suddenly come upon a medical emergency when a sudden illness or injury arose. It’s understandable that healthcare costs are sometimes unaffordable, but many unemployed individuals have been choosing these short-term health insurance options so that they can be covered if a major medical procedure is needed. In some cases, these types of health insurance plans have saved unemployed individuals thousands in medical costs, which is obviously beneficial to someone on a fixed income.

While health insurance agents can help an unemployed person find a policy that is best for them, unemployed men and women have simply been erring on the side of caution with these types of health insurance options since major medical emergencies have driven some, who were uninsured, to bankruptcy or has simply put them on a path which they will be paying for medical care for years.