Cardholders Use Credit Card Balance Transfers To Consolidate Credit Card Debt–Are Low Interest Balance Transfers Helpful?

Credit cards have been a lifeline for many over the past months as various employment and economic difficulties have caused consumers to become reliant upon their cards as a way to make numerous types of purchases. Yet, credit card debt can easily get out of hand and, for many cardholders, they have chosen to transfer their balances from various credit cards or one credit card to a card with a lower interest rate.

Credit card balance transfers are essentially consolidating credit card debt to a lower interest rate, which can help cardholders lower overall expenses when paying off their debts. While there are financial advisers who disagree on the usefulness of credit card balance transfers, there have been cardholders who have used this method over the past months as a way to compile their credit card debt onto a low interest card.

Offers for low interest cards caused many to choose this balance transfer option, but it needs to be understood that just because credit card balances have been transferred to one, low interest card, does not mean they have been erased. Cardholders who choose credit card balance transfer options are often advised to be aware of the interest rate on the card to which debt is being transferred and cardholders are prompted to devise a repayment plan which will allow them to combat this credit card debt quickly.

Understandably, a higher principle on a credit card can be problematic even if that card has a low interest rate. For this reason, credit card balance transfers often work best when cardholders make a repayment plan that allows them to focus as much cash as they can on their credit card debt. Some individuals use credit card balance transfers as a way to erase the various credit card debt payments, which can be helpful if someone fears missing a payment on a credit card, but the costs can add up if interest is unchecked.

Yet, successful users of credit card balance transfer options have simply budgeted in a way that allows them to focus their efforts on paying down their consolidated credit card debt so that interest will not accrue and they can erase their debt and a much timelier manner. Also, advisers have often suggested that cardholders looking for credit card balance transfer options check out various credit cards and look at what interest rates or fees may be charged in the long-term. Credit card balance transfers have not been beneficial for every cardholder, but when used wisely and heavily attacked by cardholders, they have been beneficial for some in the past.