National Debt Relief Programs May Help Consumers Erase Debt But Fraudulent Companies Seek To Scam Consumers

Many individuals are searching for national debt relief programs that may help them get rid of various forms of debt, like personal loans, credit card debt, mortgage debt, or even student loan debt, and there are companies that have been formed to help individuals meet their debt obligation needs in an affordable manner.

Yet, there have been warnings against certain types of national debt relief advertisements and offers which may be unsolicited or seem too good to be true. There are scams that have been perpetrated against consumers who are being crushed under a large amount of debt that seem to offer answers and quick solutions, but there are concerns from many financial advisers over these claims by these fraudulent programs.

While there are legitimate debt counseling services, like nonprofit organizations, that have been established to help consumers with debt relief goals, the FTC has created a list which may be consulted for individuals who are either seeking debt relief services or who may have been contacted by someone claiming to be from a national debt relief program.

It’s understandable that many consumers have either practiced poor financial habits or may have come upon a time when a great deal of debt was suddenly incurred but in the pursuit of erasing debt through these fraudulent debt relief companies they have actually cost consumers more money or have done more damage to their credit score. Consulting resources like the Better Business Bureau or simply looking for complaints online has helped many consumers filter out any fraudulent national debt relief program offers and find genuine relief companies.