New Small Business Bill–Will Small Business Loans And Tax Breaks Provide More Job Opportunities?

It’s believed that a new small business jobs bill will assist companies who are seeking ways to pump cash into their business and, if things go as hoped, these small businesses may be able to create jobs that are greatly needed in our economy at the present time. Many feel that the jobs bill that has recently been passed in the Senate will make more funds available to community banks who can lend to small businesses, which is an issue that many companies have been asking Congress to address.

This new jobs bill is hoped to provide more tax cuts for businesses, allow the Small Business Administration to guarantee a higher percentage of small business loans and, there is hope that small business owners may be able to continue to take advantage of health insurance tax credits that have been offered. While this bill still must pass the House, there is belief that this new initiative will provide small businesses with the financial assistance they have been seeking in order to better their company.

There are those who believe that simply providing access to more funding through sources like small business loans will not provide the job creation that our nation needs but, obviously, there are two sides to this issue. Many argue that providing capital to small banks which can be used to make more small business loans is one way for companies to grow, handle more business, buy equipment, and ultimately create more jobs for the unemployed men and women in our nation.

However, there are arguments that offering tax breaks to businesses who hire new workers is a more beneficial way of getting jobs created in a timelier manner. While there are companies who have been asking for assistance when it comes to opening up lending opportunities, there are businesses that, if they take on debt, will be hesitant to hire more workers at the present time but it’s hoped that the small business bill will allow companies in need of capital to obtain the funds they are seeking and hopefully, through tax breaks, create an environment were more jobs will be opened as quickly as possible.