Job Opportunities For Unemployed–Is Hiring On The Rise Despite Increase In Jobless Claims?

Unemployed men and women have been scouring the Internet, newspapers, and any other sources that they may find for job opportunities. Unemployment is still a major problem in our nation despite the fact that conflicting numbers give hope in some ways but signal the job market is still stagnant and other areas.

For instance, reports indicate that the jobless rate in our nation rose in August but private employers have been adding more jobs. It’s the private sector that is being called upon to create the much-needed jobs for our nation and allow unemployed men and women to return to a position that will provide them with stable income.

The loss in jobs, which created the jobless rate to rise, is said to be from the loss of temporary census jobs that were cut and governmental jobs which also shed many of their employees. However, it was reported that private employers added about 67,000 jobs in August, according to the Department of Labor.

While issues like unemployment benefits extensions remain and conflicting reports about the availability of jobs cause stress for many unemployed men and women, there is a glimmer of hope since the private sector is beginning to add more positions. While temporary jobs from the government like census jobs did provide income for a short period of time, long-term jobs are what is obviously needed for men and women to regain any sort of financial stability and for areas like the housing market to be alleviated of the pressure that is being felt from unemployment.

While small business lending and tax credits for businesses to hire new workers have been offered and extensions are being discussed, these job opportunities that are coming available from the private employment sector may point to some recovery in the job market even if it is minimal at the present time.