Home Loan Mortgage Assistance Aid From Making Home Affordable HOPE Hotline

Many homeowners have struggled through the Making Home Affordable Program and, as a result, there have been those who have either been denied assistance or those who have been unable to benefit from a modification if one was offered.  Yet, there have been troubles that go beyond a homeowner’s simple inability to meet their mortgage requirement, as many homeowners have claimed that mortgage servicers are not doing all they can to ensure homeowners get a fair chance at saving their home.

There have been homeowners who have used the HOPE Hotline as a way to not only get guidance but housing assistance as well.  Many scams have been perpetrated against homeowners, so finding reliable assistance outside of a lender is something the HOPE Hotline has offered.

Housing counselors approved by the Department of Housing And Urban Development are some of the resources homeowners have used to guide them through their housing troubles.  Yet, some homeowners are unaware that outside assistance may be gained and believe that working with a mortgage servicer is their only option.

While many homeowners may still be unable to find the help they need, there are homeowners who have been helped over the past months by resources like the Making Home Affordable website, HUD-approved housing counselors, and the HOPE Hotline and website.

As homeowners continue to struggle and seek mortgage assistance, there are various options that may be used to help someone facing the loss of their home find an affordable solution.  Lenders have not been perfect in their implementation of mortgage assistance plans, but there are options available to guide homeowners through the complex world of home loan assistance.

Hotline: 888-995-HOPE

Visit online: http://www.995hope.org/