HOPE Hotline Helps Homeowners Who Have Trouble In The Making Home Affordable Program

The Making Home Affordable Program has been able to offer various struggling homeowners a home loan modification which has allowed many to avoid foreclosure. However, with the amount of homeowners who have been seeking assistance it’s understandable that some were unable to find the help that they needed from the modification program. However, many homeowners are accusing mortgage servicers of not doing all they can to help those who are in need.

There have been countless homeowners who have not only criticized lenders but have become quite angry at the practices of some of the banks who were working with homeowners through the Making Home Affordable Program. Yet, the HOPE Hotline has been used by many of the struggling homeowners as a way to not only get guidance and voice their complaints against lenders, but some have received assistance from housing counselors.

It was reported in the July Making Home Affordable servicer report that 104,074 homeowners had contacted the HOPE call center for various reasons ranging from, again, guidance to levying complaints against mortgage servicers. Also, in July, 41,783 homeowners were reported to have been given free housing assistance through the Homeowners HOPE Hotline.

While there remains animosity between homeowners and servicers, the Making Home Affordable Program does continue to see results and success, and there have also been reports that in-house program from mortgage servicers are being offered to homeowners who are denied aid from the Obama modification program. Yet, for those homeowners who are still struggling, the Hotline and website are still available to provide assistance to homeowners who are either struggling through the modification program or simply looking for aid so that they can avoid foreclosure.

HOPE Hotline: 1-888-995-HOPE or http://www.995hope.org/