Google Programs And University Classes That Teach Smartphone Users How To Create Applications

Smartphone applications or as there are better-known, apps, are used by millions of smartphone users everyday. There are many programmers and developers who are working on new apps in order to either simplify smartphone users’ lives, assist men and women in the day-to-day use of their smartphone, to gather information, or simply as a way to make money by offering smartphone users a fun, useful, or interesting application.

However, programming smartphone applications is not something that many are able to do since the majority of smart phone users are not computer programmers. However, there are classes that are becoming more popular at universities that can teach individuals how to program smartphone applications to do almost anything they can imagine.

Yet, Google, according to reports, is said to be embarking upon what can only be described as an inspired piece of programming which would allow anyone to create a smartphone application. The way they are going about allowing smart phone users to create applications is by, obviously, creating an application.

In a move that many are calling genius, Google has set to bring smartphone users who may not have a background in programming an application that will allow the average smartphone user to program their own app.  This application for Android is currently said to be in a beta test phase and a professor from MIT has been working closely on the project with Google.

While the current homemade application creator for the Android is said to be only for smartphone users who create the ads and unavailable for upload, it’s hoped that in the near future users can create their apps and sell them to others if they wish. While it’s unlikely that any individuals who are using this create-and-app application will be creating anything groundbreaking soon, it’s felt that applications like this for smartphone users who may have ideas for apps will provide a foundation on which they can cultivate these ideas.