Small Business Health Insurance And New Healthcare Legislation–North Carolina Insurance Official Talks About Provisions

Many small business owners are seeking affordable health insurance options for their workers but are still wondering how the new healthcare legislation may affect their business. While there are some companies who have not provided their employees with health insurance benefits at the present time, many are turning to insurance agents in order to find the best policies to fit their current business needs.

Recently, it was reported that an official with AARP in North Carolina talked about changes the healthcare bill will bring for not only businesses but senior citizens and families as well. While many small business owners wonder how healthcare legislation will change their business health insurance policies, who it will cover, and the costs that will be incurred, there are senior citizens who worry about things like Medicare as well.

AARP representative, Bill Wilson, stated that benefits offered under the Medicare program will be continued under new healthcare legislation and seniors may also expect to have 10 years added to Medicare availability, in some cases. There may also be expansions of wellness and preventive care coverage for those on Medicare which may cut down on expenses that Medicare recipients must pay on their own.

Yet, when speaking about how healthcare legislation will affect employers, Mr. Wilson said that for companies with fewer than 50 employees, there is no requirement that health insurance be provided under the new legislation. Yet, tax credits are available at the present time to help assist businesses provide health insurance for their employees. Our positive note, it was also mentioned that only around 2% of businesses across the country will be subject to increases in their costs of health insurance due to changes from the healthcare legislation.

Concerns over new healthcare legislation and business health insurance options are not confined solely to North Carolina as many men and women across the nation worry about how they can pay costs for medical treatment if they are stricken with a sudden illness or injury and have no healthcare coverage. Many employers can offer health insurance options but there are cases, again, were small business employers do not have health insurance plans for their workers.

However, with tax credits currently being offered and employer group health insurance options available, providing health insurance can be affordable for a variety of small business owners who would like to provide some sort of safety net for their employees were they to need medical treatment.

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