Citigroup Home Loan Mortgage Modification Plans For Lower Home Loan Payments–What Plans Are Available?

Homeowners with Citigroup have found that mortgage assistance has been made available through home loan modification programs from the Making Home Affordable Program. Many of the nation’s top mortgage servicers like Citigroup have used the Obama Making Home Affordable modification plan in order to provide homeowners with more affordable home loan payments.

Yet, difficulties and troubles between mortgage servicers and homeowners, along with a variety of mortgage hardships that have plagued many homeowners, have necessitated the creation of alternative mortgage assistance plans. Many servicers like Citigroup have been working with the Making Home Affordable Program to not only offer modifications but extension mortgage assistance plans as well, not to mention, in-house modification and mortgage aid plans.

In the coming days it is expected that the Making Home Affordable Program report for July will be released and many believe it will show an increase in the number of permanent modifications that have been made. Over the past months mortgage servicers have increased their modification efforts and assisted more homeowners who were facing foreclosure. However, there are some homeowners who, again, have had trouble with lenders in the modification program and have problems with their mortgage debt of a specific nature where a modification will not help.

Citigroup has assisted homeowners through a variety of mortgage aid efforts from both the Obama Administration Home Affordable Program and these in-house assistance plans as well. While there have been homeowners who believe mortgage servicers are not doing all they can, there are more options now available to help those seeking a more affordable home loan payment.

Homeowners may also consult the Making Home Affordable website or hotline, as well as, HUD-approved housing counselors for additional assistance and information in the Making Home Affordable modification program and alternative assistance programs.