Proposal For Congress To Extend Unemployment Benefits To Tier 5 As Jobs Are Lost In July

For months, many unemployed men women who had exhausted their unemployment benefits by being out of work for 99 weeks or more have been asking for a 5th tier to be added to the unemployment benefits extension package that is currently in place. However, hope seemed to be lost on the fact that a 5th tier of unemployment extensions would be proposed, let alone passed, but recently Senators submitted a proposal to add a tier 5 extension to unemployment benefits.

While unemployment benefits have been a hot button issue for many as the nation remains divided on whether long-term unemployed men and women should receive additional benefits or if benefits should be cut off since, in the opinion of many, more extensions will just prolong unemployment in our nation. There are those who feel that by extending unemployment benefits men and women will simply stay out of work longer, which is detrimental to the overall economy.

However, contrary to this belief, reports indicate that more jobs were lost in the month of July then were added, which obviously puts unemployed men and women in a difficult position. While there may be a small percentage of those unemployed who can survive on the income they receive from their benefits, the majority of men and women are struggling to make their home loan payment, cannot pay their debts, or can hardly afford to purchase the most basic of necessities.

Countless unemployed individuals have stated that they want more jobs available so that they can get back to a full-time job, which would provide them with the funds they need to simply meet their costs and regain some form of financial stability. Yet, even if unemployment benefits are causing some to avoid looking for a job, there are many who feel that the amount of employment opportunities available simply cannot meet the demand of those who want a job.

While there is certain to be a great deal of debate over this tier 5 extension of unemployment benefits, many of the long-term unemployed who have been unable to find a job hope that more unemployment benefits can be made available so that they can simply keep their head above water and have at least some income which they may use to survive until more job opportunities become available.