Homeowners Use 15-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage To Erase Mortgage Debt Fast–Is This Mortgage Affordable?

Reports have indicated that the average rate on a 15-year fixed mortgage has dropped, which can afford many homeowners the opportunity to refinance their home loan to obtain not only a more affordable payment but interest rate as well. Many homeowners have been turning to a 15-year fixed mortgage in order to erase their mortgage debt faster, since this type of mortgage is obviously shorter in terms that most and can come with a low interest rate.

While a 15-year fixed mortgage often does require a more expensive monthly mortgage payment than, for instance, a 30-year fixed mortgage, homeowners who have been in the financial position to do so have been able to refinance their home loan to a 15-year fixed mortgage and erase their mortgage debt much quicker. Obviously, homeowners who choose a shorter term when applying for mortgage will be able to erase their mortgage debt in a shorter amount of time, but many fail to realize is that a shorter-term mortgage like a 15-year fixed mortgage may be cheaper overall once the home loan is completely paid.

There have been many homeowners who have observed housing troubles and the economic and financial difficulties that homeowners have faced, and as a result more homeowners have been attempting to pay their way out of mortgage debt faster. Homeowners who may have come upon these difficult financial times may have been able to handle these troubles if they owned their home outright, but many homeowners are locked into long-term mortgages and have been attempting to either refinance or a gain a modification just to keep their home.

These difficult times have, again, prompted many homeowners to find ways which they can erase their mortgage debt fast, with a 15-year fixed mortgage being one of those methods. However, homeowners will not always benefit from refinancing their home loan, nor will they always obtain a lower interest rate. Yet, homeowners who have been able to take advantage of these low 15-year home loan interest rates have set themselves on a path that may allow them to erase their home loan debt obligation in a much timelier manner, which can lead to them owning their home outright and possibly avoiding mortgage trouble in the future.