Governmental Grants And College Student Scholarships–How Are Students Applying For Free Financial Aid?

Governmental grants and college scholarships are helping many men and women meet the rising cost of college tuition at many universities across the country. High school students and adults who are either returning to school to finish their education or starting for the first time are often in the same boat when it comes to financing their education and need help. Many who are just starting college, however, are often uninformed on how they can apply for free financial aid, but with so many resources available, applying for student aid is easier than it once was.

Governmental grants, like the Federal Pell Grant, are sources of funding that are provided to students who meet certain financial needs and are pursuing a higher education. Typically, federal grants can be obtained by filling out a FAFSA form and are often awarded to individuals who either have a low income or come from a low income family. This type of free financial aid can be applied for online or students may find that their high school guidance office or university financial aid office has hard copies of these forms. Yet, online forms are more accessible and faster for those who are seeking this type of federal aid to meet college tuition costs.

While scholarships are similar to governmental grants, in that they are free financial aid sources that can help meet the cost of college tuition, applying for scholarships may be a little more difficult. There is no lack of scholarship opportunities for students of all shapes and sizes, however, many college-bound individuals get bogged down in the sheer volume of scholarships that may be available. While, again, there may be resources available to high school students through their guidance counselor or the University they are planning to attend, the Internet is a valuable source of information and full of opportunities.

When concerning scholarships or grants, a simple Google search can yield endless results for anyone who may need assistance in paying college tuition costs. When it comes to obtaining scholarships and grants competition can be competitive, but many of the nation’s most popular scholarships overshadow smaller or specific forms of student aid. For instance, there are scholarship opportunities exclusively for high school students, minorities, single mothers, and military personnel, just to name a few. Also, scholarships are available for students who are pursuing a certain degree or commit to a certain career after graduation. An example of this type of scholarship would be the Teaching Fellows Scholarship which can pay the entire cost of one’s education provided they teach after graduation.

College scholarships and government grants are incredibly helpful when it comes to paying college tuition costs, however, it will take time and effort to seek out forms of financial aid that are applicable to one’s personal situation, area, educational and career goals. Yet, by taking the time to apply for these forms of aid, students may be able to have the majority of or all of their college costs paid for, which would help students avoid the need for college loans and lessen any financial burden that must be taken on by either the student or their parents.