Affordable Health Insurance Plans Available For Small Businesses–Can Companies Insure Families Too?

Many businesses that offer a health insurance plan for their workers extend some form of health care coverage for families as well. Yet, a report on states that many employers may soon ask for verification when it comes to dependents on a company’s health insurance plan.

The Obama Health Care plan will require that employers provide coverage for dependents of their employees until that family member reaches the age of 26. While many employers see this as an extended amount of time which they must provide insurance for the dependents of their employees, many may begin asking for proof in order to verify if their extra costs for insurance premiums are going to individuals who are actually direct family members.

The CNN report states that some audits on the eligibility for dependents on a company’s healthcare plan find that between 10% and 13% of current dependents on a business health insurance plan are not eligible to be covered. This, obviously, is troubling to business owners as the cost of covering employees and their families is not always cheap. While there are those who argue that providing health insurance plans for employees can be beneficial to their company, it’s understandable that an employer wants to keep the costs of providing this coverage as low as possible.

More small businesses, and large corporations, are offering health insurance plans for their workers since there can be affordable employer group health insurance plans made available to almost any company, no matter their needs. However, despite the fact that these large health insurance plans can be more affordable, as opposed to the cost an individual must meet to insure themselves or their family, when relatives on employees health insurance plan are not qualified dependents it can cause financial strain on an employer.

Reports say that many employers may soon be asking for marriage or birth certificates in order to verify that a spouse or children qualify for health insurance coverage from an employer. While it is believed by many that new health care legislation will be beneficial for families who cannot afford health insurance costs alone, employees who have claimed ineligible dependents on their employer health insurance may have a difficult time if an audit is conducted. Some workers may be guilty of fraud, which could cost them their job but employers are taking these actions simply to avoid the abuse of health insurance policies for their employees and their families.