Military Veteran Home Assistance Program–Veterans Program To Prevent Homelessness

The Department of Housing and Urban Development recently introduced a new plan to help veterans get home loan assistance and prevent homelessness of those returning from active military duty. Many veterans who returned from duty often have trouble readjusting to life and some often have little options when they return, in terms of a home, healthcare, and employment.

This announcement is specifically set to help veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq by offering them assistance concerning things like housing, medical care, and providing them with job training to help with the adjustment into a life outside of military service. This new program is said to be launched near five military bases in Florida, California, Texas, New York, and Washington.

This effort is a joint venture with the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Veteran Affairs. These two institutions hope that this new program will help military men and women who may otherwise return home and face homelessness, joblessness, or a simple lack of healthcare coverage. While the employment situation in our nation is not great, there are military men and women who may benefit from certain aspects of this program like job training.

Also, many individuals agree that military servicemen and servicewomen should be provided some form of assistance when returning from active duty and aid with housing or job training is the least that could be done compared to what these military personnel have experienced. Many believe that it is a travesty to simply leave veterans to themselves when many may return home from active duty and be unable to afford even the most basic necessities.

This new program is said to mirror the Opening Doors homelessness prevention efforts that were reported in June 2010 which stated that this plan would end chronic homelessness for veterans by 2015 and end chronic homelessness among families, and children, by 2020. While it may take time for this plan to fully be felt among veterans, it’s hoped that by simply allowing veterans the solid foundation when returning from active duty, that they will be in a better position to to afford their homes, find employment, and obtain affordable health care.