Unemployment Benefits Extension Passes In House And Senate–Extension Through November

The long debated unemployment benefits extension recently passed both the Senate and the House much to the relief of many unemployed men and women in our nation. There was debate for weeks over how this extension would be funded as both Democrats and Republicans said they were for an extension but there was a heavy disagreement on what the source of the funds would be to pay for these benefits. While this extension is only for those who can still file for unemployment, the continued call for tier 5 extensions has not been met.

Many unemployed men and women in this nation may qualify for up to 99 weeks of unemployment benefits but after a fourth tier, there is little left for those who are still unemployed. A hot debate among many individuals in our nation is that continually extending unemployment benefits is giving many unemployed men women reason to not look for work, which has accounted for the high unemployment rate our nation has faced.

However, on the other side of the debate, unemployed men and women are outraged over accusations that they were simply sitting at home and collecting unemployment checks. While there are obviously some individuals who are taking advantage of these extended benefits, the majority of unemployed men and women have often stated that the income they gained from these benefits is not enough to meet their cost-of-living, as is evidenced by many troubles related to home loans and the housing market.

While Democrats have blamed Republicans for stopping this unemployment benefit extension legislation, Republicans have been quick to point out that the amount of money that is needed to continue these long-term unemployment benefits is not something that, they feel, should be borrowed and funding should originate from other areas. Also, Republicans have pointed out the fact that claims from the Democrats, concerning the success job creation initiatives seem to be drowned out by the needs of so many people for the extension of unemployment benefits.

Even though the unemployment benefits extension debate has been ongoing for months, it now appears that men and women who are out of work have until November to continue to file, until they have exhausted these extensions. Yet, many still are crying out for more to be done in the area of job creation as unemployment benefit extensions are, while deemed necessary by many, seen as treating the symptoms and not the cause of a major problem in our nation.