Citigroup Foreclosure Prevention Assistance Programs For Troubled Homeowners

Homeowners with Citigroup may be able to take advantage of foreclosure prevention plans which should help homeowners who are struggling to make their mortgage payments. Over the past months the Making Home Affordable Program, as well as, mortgage lenders’s in-house programs have helped homeowners find ways to get a more affordable home loan payment.

While there have been criticisms and many homeowners have been upset at not being able to find the mortgage assistance they need, plans like modifications, principal reductions, second lien modifications, and even short sale plans have made dealing with mortgage troubles more manageable for some homeowners. The variety of mortgage ailments that have plagued many homeowners have called for many solutions and various tactics so that homeowners can stay in their home.

However, some homeowners have found that even with mortgage assistance plans in place they are still unable to meet their home loan payments. While the Home Affordable Unemployment Program is hoped to make avoiding foreclosure for unemployed homeowners an easier option to obtain, there are ways in which homeowners who simply cannot stay in their home any longer avoid the foreclosure process.

Deed in lieu of foreclosure plans are available to some homeowners who have tried everything they can to make their home loan payments and obtain a more affordable mortgage, but have been unsuccessful. Homeowners who bank with Citigroup are often advised to talk with their mortgage lender or consult the Making Home Affordable Program website for more information on dealing with these various mortgage problems.

Again, there are various troubles that homeowners are facing and lenders along with the Making Home Affordable Program have plans in place that can be of help and are still available to homeowners despite troubles many have faced. Homeowners who are worried about losing their home should take action as quickly as they can in order to better their chances at obtaining a more affordable home loan payment.