Employer Group Health Insurance For Business Owners–Can Business Owners Cover Their Workers?

Many business owners fail to provide their workers with some form of health insurance due to the costs that they feel are simply too high to meet. While the cost of providing health insurance isn’t cheap, there are affordable options for business owners that can allow them to cover their workers with some form of health insurance plan so that in the case of a sudden illness or injury to their employees will not have to bear the burden of medical costs alone.

There are many who argue that health insurance for employees through an employer group health insurance plan can be quite beneficial for not only employees but also for the business owner as well. Employees stand to benefit, obviously, from health insurance from their employer simply because the cost of paying for medical care is much higher than that of meeting health insurance premium costs.

Also, employees who have pre-existing conditions can be covered under an employer’s group health care plan, as no one can be denied health care coverage under an employer group health insurance plan, but anyone with a pre-existing condition may simply have to go through a waiting period before a certain condition is covered. However, after this waiting period, employees with a pre-existing condition can have their ailment covered under their health insurance plan at their place of employment.

Providing health insurance for workers is something that can be attractive to potential employees and attract more highly qualified individuals to a company. Also, current workers with a small business or company will be more likely to stay loyal to their company if certain incentives, like health insurance, are offered. Many people will often seek out a job not solely based on wages but on incentives like health insurance coverage. Employees like this are usually more loyal, will stay with the company for a longer period of time, which can make them an asset to any employer.

Business owners who feel that the cost of providing health insurance for their workers is too expensive may also be able to take advantage of a tax credit that can help make the cost of premiums for small business health insurance more affordable. Health insurance agents are available across the country to not only help business owners see the benefits of providing healthcare coverage to their workers, but these companies can build a health insurance policy that is affordable and meets the needs of almost any business.