Unemployment Extensions Denied And Tier 5 Benefits No Longer Discussed–Will Jobless Numbers Decrease?

Unemployment extensions were recently denied and as the Senate recesses for the holiday there are many being left without any unemployment coverage. What’s more troubling is jobless claims rose, rather than fell as many expected, which is an obvious indication that the job market is not growing as many believed it would.

While a tier 5 benefits extension has become seemingly impossible and there have been various statements that there is no consideration to extend unemployment benefits beyond their current time limits, those who may have still been able to apply for unemployment extensions may have been denied because of the lack of this initiative to be passed in the Senate.

There has been finger-pointing and that many angry politicians and Americans have been wondering why more is not being done to help those who are unemployed. The job market’s slow growth versus the amount of individuals who are seeking some form of aid simply are not at a point to afford any of the long-term unemployed men and women of our nation much hope in getting work soon. Despite the fact that jobs are available there are too few to meet the demands of those who are unemployed.

There has been talk of more economic stimulus proposals and it’s hoped that small businesses get the funding they need in order to grow and create more jobs, but even in an optimal situation the growth of our economy is not going to meet the demands of those who are unemployed at the present time. Many believe that by the end of this year or early 2011 more and more jobs will begin to open so that the unemployment rate may fall, yet there are also those who believe unemployment will remain high until the end of the year or longer.

But many of the long-term unemployed are wondering is with this increase in jobless claims and slow job market growth why there is not more being done to provide those who have been out of work an extended period of time the aid they need to simply survive. Unemployment affects almost all areas of the economy, as can be seen in the housing market where many people were fighting to keep a roof over their head.

Simply passing an extension that would allow those who qualify to apply for further unemployment benefits or even considering a tier 5 extension is something that many long-term unemployed men and women have been asking their political representatives to take up, but it seems that this issue is no longer at the forefront of troubles facing our nation.

Yet, no matter where you stand on the unemployment situation, as there is as much passion for unemployment extensions as there are against it, there is no argument
that the job situation in our country needs attention and solutions so that growth and prosperity can begin again.