Obama Administration To Provide Health Insurance Coverage For Uninsured And Pre-Existing Conditions

It was recently reported that the Obama administration has passed legislation that will provide money to various states to aid individuals who do not have health insurance coverage because they have a pre-existing medical condition. This legislation is part of the healthcare reform that was passed recently and it is hoped that the millions of people who have pre-existing conditions that have denied them healthcare coverage will be able to afford the costs of medical treatment.

The rising cost of healthcare in our nation has been a major problem for many uninsured individuals as an unforeseen illness or injury can cause such a high amount of medical bill debt that these uninsured people may never be able to repay the cost of their medical care. In extreme cases, people who have been uninsured and incurred a large sum of medical costs have had to file bankruptcy due to the inability to repay this debt.

There have been other health insurance assistance plans offered, like a tax credit for small business employers who provide health insurance for their workers. Employer group health insurance is one way in which a small business owner can help their employees combat this trouble with pre-existing conditions as no worker can be denied health insurance due to a pre-existing condition if their health insurance is through an employer group healthcare plan.

Employer group health insurance laws vary from state to state, and individuals with a pre-existing condition may have to serve a “probation period” before their pre-existing condition is covered. Typically though, workers under an employer group health insurance plan will be able to obtain some form of healthcare coverage.

It’s hoped that the funds for this health insurance coverage signed by President Obama will last into 2014, but there are many who believe such a demand for healthcare coverage for individuals who have pre-existing medical conditions will cause this program to exhaust its funds sooner. However, at the present time individuals who are denied health insurance due to a pre-existing condition may be able to find the healthcare they need thanks to this new legislation.