Low Mortgage Interest Rates For Homeowners–Can Refinancing For A Lower Interest Rate Erase Mortgage Debt Fast?

At the present time mortgage interest rates are quite low and many homeowners are using this as an opportunity to refinance their home loan in hopes of getting a lower monthly mortgage payment. Homeowners often choose and mortgage that will fit into their monthly budget, but when a lower rate is offered many homeowners jump at the chance to get an even lower payment on their home loan, which is understandable.

However, homeowners that are concerned with getting out of mortgage debt fast may need to take an alternate route when it comes to dealing with their home loan. While refinancing for a lower mortgage rates is beneficial, as it can bring a lower monthly mortgage payment, typically, any homeowner who wants to get out of a mortgage fast will have to choose an option that may not bring the cheapest monthly payment.

For instance, homeowners who choose a 30-year fixed rate mortgage can get a low mortgage rate and monthly payment, depending upon their financial situation, but many homeowners fail to realize that a 30-year mortgage can cost double the original home loan amount, if not more, once the principal and interest have been paid. However, homeowners who choose a 15-year fixed rate mortgage can get out of debt at a much lower cost, in many cases, but they will have to afford a higher monthly mortgage payment.

Homeowners who are considering refinancing need to look at what they want from their home loan. Homeowners who simply need a more affordable mortgage payment so they can keep a roof over their head may benefit from refinancing, if they are in a good financial position, but individuals who want to get out of mortgage debt fast and with as little cost as possible may have to choose an option with a higher monthly mortgage payment. In either case, a homeowner should talk to their lender about their options, financial situation, and formulate a plan to meet their mortgage payment goals.