Bad Credit Debt Consolidation–Is Cash-Out Refinancing A Good Way To Pay Off Debt?

Oftentimes when bad credit debt becomes insurmountable many individuals will look for some form of consolidation loan which can make repaying the debt a little easier. However, there are many who would caution against certain types of debt consolidation plans or even bad credit debt consolidation altogether.

Cash-out refinancing is one form of debt consolidation that can be beneficial but it often draws criticism simply because it is attaching unsecured debt to a home loan. Cash-out refinancing essentially is using the equity built in your home to get money back on refinancing and using that money to pay off your debt. Since a mortgage typically has a lower interest rate than credit card or personal loans, for instance, many people feel that attaching debt owed to a mortgage is a good move.

However, many financial advisers say this is a risky tactic since bad credit often is the product of poor financial practices and these advisers also say that individuals who essentially increase the amount they owe on their home loan are more likely to get in financial trouble again and run the risk of losing their home. Also, there are other ways to combat various forms of debt which do not require consolidation and many feel that attacking debt separately will be more cost efficient in the long run.

Consolidating debt, again, can make repayment easier but the underlying problem of bad credit debt is an inability to live within your means. While some people have obtained a bad credit score due to unforeseen expenses that have arisen and have caused these individuals to get in over their heads, many people with bad credit debt mismanage their money.

Yet, no matter if you choose to use cash-out refinancing, some other form of debt consolidation, or if you plan to attack various sources of debt separately it will be vital to change your spending and saving habits so that you can not only erase your bad credit debt but also remained debt-free for years down the road.