Mortgage Modification Plan For Citigroup Homeowners Seeking A More Affordable Home Loan Payment

Citigroup homeowners have been asking for a more affordable home loan payment as economic troubles still plague many people. Citigroup is one of the top lenders in the home loan modification program and have been seeing an increase in the number of permanent home loan modifications made from month-to-month.

For instance, reports from the Making Home Affordable Program state that in April Citigroup’s CitiMortgage had made 28,556 permanent home loan modifications. However, in May that number increased to 34,675 permanent home loan modifications.

Despite many homeowners being critical of the Making Home Affordable Program and lenders like Citigroup, there is still help available through home loan modifications. Citigroup has stated that they are willing to work with homeowners within the Obama’s Making Home Affordable Program, but homeowners who do not qualify for this type of assistance may be able to find help through one of Citigroup’s in-house mortgage aid programs.

No lender has been perfect when it comes to helping homeowners avoid foreclosure, and many have been outright accused of not doing everything they can. Homeowners have grown frustrated and angry over the trial process within the modification program and many say that lenders simply do not care about helping homeowners stay in their home.

However, with an increase in the number of permanent home loan modifications being made there is still assistance available for homeowners in need. While a modification may not be easy to obtain, homeowners need to do all they can and make sure they abide by the trial procedures within the modification program in order to avoid foreclosure on their home.