Call For A Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Continues As Reports Say Employers Aren’t Hiring The Unemployed

Unemployed men and women have still been asking that Congress pass a tier 5 unemployment extension in order to allow many of the long-term unemployed men and women of our nation the funds to meet the most basic necessities. However, a very surprising report from has shed light on something that perhaps has been hindering many of these long-term unemployed men and women from obtaining employment.

This report states that many employers are unwilling to talk to men and women who are currently unemployed and will only hire or interview individuals who are currently working. This is quite a shocking report and the statements from employment experts that actually give credibility to this idea that employers are unwilling to hire unemployed men and women are troubling at the very least.

The vast amount of unemployed workers were laid off from their jobs after years or even decades of service due to the recession. In the majority of cases, those who are unemployed lost their job as a result of a poor economy and not any fault of their own. However, there seems to be an idea that men and women who are unemployed were released from the job for a reason and would not make a good employee.

What’s most disconcerting is that if employers are unwilling to hire a an individual who is currently unemployed because they feel that there was a reason for them to be laid off, this seems to show that the majority of employers with this mindset are truly far removed from the troubles that many men and women are facing when it comes to long-term unemployment.

While countless people have cried that men and women who are asking for a tier 5 unemployment extension are lazy, this report shows just the contrary. If the idea that employers are unwilling to hire individuals who do not have a job since they feel that there is some reason behind a man or woman being unemployed is a widespread notion, then it is easy to see why many long-term unemployed individuals are very frustrated when it comes to finding a job.

Hopefully, this CNN report is only showing the ugly side of a small section of the job market and the majority of business owners are not looking at the unemployed as unfit to be hired. However, those employers who feel that the long-term unemployed should not be considered for a job need to do research into the history of the recession that has been experienced over the last few years.

Obviously, not all unemployed men and women lost their job as a result of circumstances outside of their control but simply because someone is unemployed does not mean that there was a justifiable reason for the loss of their job. A candidate for a job should be considered based on their work history and qualifications, not based on the fact of whether they are currently employed or not.