Tier 5 Unemployment Benefits Extension–Congress Says No Extension But Unemployed Still Trying

There are still numerous men and women who are unemployed and desperately in need of income in order to make their financial ends meet or just pay for the most basic of necessities in their life. Many people say the job market is improving and President Obama is asking Congress to move forward on certain tax credits and incentives for small businesses so that they may grow and hire new workers but many unemployed men and women need an extension of unemployment benefits now so that they will be able to weather these difficult times.

A tier 5 unemployment extension has been called upon by many men and women who are looking for work but have remained unemployed over the long-term. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that there would be no tier 5 extension, there are still many women who are signing petitions and contacting their congressmen and congresswomen asking for these benefits to be extended.

There are many people say that unemployment is still a major problem despite positive economic numbers that speak to the contrary. With so many men and women losing their unemployment benefits it’s obvious to see why there has been a drop in the number of men and women who have filed for unemployment benefits.

Many worry that this drop in the jobless figures over the past months is a result of men and women simply not signing up because they have no more benefits for which they can qualify. If this is the case then our country is still in trouble in the job market area and unless this is corrected there will be repercussions felt throughout all other areas of the economy.

Arguments for a tier 5 unemployment extension are often met with opposition and anger from others but unemployed men and women actually spend the money that they are given through their unemployment benefits and this can be beneficial to the economy. Also, people who were drawing unemployment benefits are not living lavishly but they are using this meager income to simply survive. While there are exceptions and some people have taken advantage of unemployment benefits, the majority of men and women who need an extension of unemployment benefits would much rather have a stable income from a job.

The unemployed are hoping that petitions and a realization that despite the fact jobs are available they are for too few in number to help will prompt Congress to pass a 5th tier for unemployment benefits so that the long-term unemployed will be able to simply meet the basic costs of living.