Low Mortgage Interest Rates On 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Refinancing–Can Homeowners Get A More Affordable Home?

Mortgage interest rates are still quite affordable despite having risen slightly from the record low rates that were seen earlier this year. Many homeowners refinanced their home loan in order to take advantage of these record low mortgage rates and as a result were able to get a lower monthly mortgage payment as well.

Homeowners that may have seen financial difficulties on the horizon or had lost some of their household income due to unemployment or cutbacks at their job turned to refinancing in order to get a more affordable mortgage payment. Homeowners who have equity built in their home and a good credit score are able to obtain a lower mortgage rate when they refinance, in many cases.

However, refinancing is not a guarantee for a lower mortgage rate or a lower monthly mortgage payment so before this is considered as an option a homeowner needs to make sure they can financially benefit from refinancing their home loan. Also, there are certain costs associated with refinancing that a homeowner must make sure they can meet before proceeding.

A homeowner can either talk with their current mortgage lender or various mortgage lenders in order to see who can offer them the lower mortgage rate when it comes to refinancing. Again, the homeowner will need to be in good financial standing before refinancing can benefit them and they need to be able to afford certain costs that come with refinancing as well. Yet, homeowners that qualify for a lower mortgage rate may be able to get a more affordable home loan simply through refinancing.