College Loan Forgiveness Plans–Can You Have Your Federal Student Loans Forgiven?

Student loan forgiveness options are available for college graduates who may have a substantial amount of federal student loan debt. Using student loans is becoming more necessary for many college students as the cost of attending a university is on the rise. While debt may be unavoidable, when it comes to college loans, this doesn’t have to be a financial burden for years after you leave a college or university.

Student loan forgiveness plans, which are set to change slightly in the near future thanks to legislation from the Obama Administration, offer certain forgiveness options for individuals with federal student loans. Typically, students have to be in some form of repayment plan with Direct Loans, a Department of Education program which handles student loans for the government.

There are plans that offer student loan forgiveness after 10 years for anyone who works in a public service job and 25 years for someone in a non-public service job. Some people have acquired a vast amount of student debt and this can be a beneficial timeframe for alleviating student loan debt. However, some people may not have enough student debt where the forgiveness plans would benefit them, so they may be able to turn to other student debt assistance options.

Anyone who is having trouble making their student loan payments might want to contact their lender and inquire about programs like income-based repayment plans, forbearance options, and even student loan consolidations. While it will be dependent upon someone’s particular student loan debt situation, there are different ways which can make repaying student loans debt more affordable for anyone who may be having a troubling time when it comes to repayment.