Debt Consolidation Loans–Is Using Your Home’s Equity A Good Way To Pay Off Debt?

Many people who have a large amount of debt worry that they may see their credit score drop if they are unable to continuously pay on multiple debt sources. This is quite common for individuals who do acquire a large amount of debt through the use of credit cards for a personal loan.

Some people turn to a cash-out loan, which is essentially a refinance loan that uses the equity that they have built in their home to pay off debt. Refinancing your home in order to use the equity to get out of debt really accomplishes nothing in all honesty.

Many people feel that they have paid off their debt and are only left with a mortgage payment, but what they’ve actually done is simply taken unsecured debt and placed it on their mortgage. This can be troubling as people who have acquired a large amount of debt may be unable to manage their money in a way that will allow them to cover the costs of refinancing and the possibility of owing more on their home.

Dealing with debt can be difficult for many individuals, but even though a mortgage interest rate is usually lower than that associated with other forms of debt, it’s risky to attach unsecured debt to a home loan.

Many people, like financial advisor Dave Ramsey, believe that paying off debt one source at the time, starting with the smallest amount and working your way up, is the best way to go. By making minimum monthly payments on all forms of debt except the smallest, and then paying as much as you can on that small amount of debt can get you out of debt faster and at less cost overall.

It will benefit anyone who is having trouble with debt to look at their personal financial situation and weigh their options when it comes to handling their debt. Developing new financial habits, no longer spending money on unnecessary items, and learning to simply save and budget will go a long way in helping anyone get out of debt and stay out of debt for years to come.