Citigroup Mortgage Assistance Through Home Loan Modification Program

Homeowners with Citigroup are still able to obtain various forms of mortgage assistance for home loan troubles through the home loan modification program. The Making Home Affordable Program, set in place by the Obama Administration, has been making more home loan modifications for homeowners who are struggling with their mortgage.

Many lenders have been using plans within the Obama Administration’s modification program and there have been some success stories that stem from this mortgage aid assistance that is being offered. There have also been some troubles and homeowners have been upset with their experience in the modification program, but homeowners who are in need are still being advised to contact their lender for options.

There are programs like modification plans, unemployment forbearance periods, and even principal reductions from some lenders, all through the Making Home Affordable Program. While some of these plans have not fully come into effect and others that are being used may not be an option for some homeowners, as not all lenders are using every program, there is still help available.

Citigroup is a good example of a lender who has been using both plans from the Making Home Affordable Program and in-house assistance options to help homeowners in need. While the modification program may not be perfect and there are certainly many complaints going around about various lenders, homeowners should still seek assistance from their lender if they’re having trouble making their home loan payment.