The Obama Home Loan Modification Program And Bank Of America Homeowners–What Programs Are Working?

Bank of America and the Obama Making Home Affordable Program are still working to make homes more affordable for those homeowners who may be struggling. Bank of America has been offering various programs outside of traditional home loan modifications to help homeowners deal with the troubles they may be having with their mortgage.

While there have been many complaints and criticism about the Obama Administration’s Making Home Affordable Program and Bank of America as well, there are still mortgage aid opportunities out there. There have been homeowners who feel they were unjustly treated in the modification program or they were denied a modification for no reason at all, but there have been an increasing number of homeowners helped each month in the home loan modification program.

It’s very easy to see why homeowners are frustrated when they are unable to get a home loan modification, as the vast majority of homeowners simply want to make keeping a roof over their head more affordable. Unemployment and a drop in value on homes has made, for many, paying their mortgage very difficult.

However, despite the imperfections of lenders and the home loan modification program, homeowners are still being advised to talk over mortgage options with their lender in order to seek out any type of assistance plan that may be able to help them in their particular situation.