Tier 5 Unemployment Benefits Extension–Unemployed Want More Weeks But Congress Says “No”

It’s been reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has stated that there will be no Tier 5 unemployment benefits extension in the current bill that is working its way through Congress. A statement made by the Speaker said that this bill will extend the dates to apply for unemployment benefits through November, but it will not add additional weeks of benefits. This, of course, is if the bill passes Congress with these provisions.

Countless unemployed men and women have lost their benefits and for many a prospect of a job seems almost hopeless. It’s because of this that many have been crying out for additional weeks of unemployment, but this issue has been very volatile as there are countless individuals who believe that unemployment benefits are detrimental to men and women seeking a job.

While this statement by Nancy Pelosi may have finally put an end to the question of a Tier 5 unemployment benefits extension, there are still people who want to know what the government plans to do about job creation. There have been previous job bills that have made their way through Congress, but there are still countless men and women who are unable to find employment due to the still struggling job market.

If unemployment benefits will not receive additional weeks for those who are out of work then Congress should shift their focus to creating jobs as quickly as they can. Having a simple wait-and-see attitude is not going to prompt many business owners to start taking more and more risks, as unemployed men and women number in the millions. Some business owners see these millions of unemployed people as potential customers, yet these customers are without an income and will not spend.

While there have been some in Congress who have said they will fight for extended weeks of benefits, it looks like the maximum of 99 weeks, in some areas, will be the most the unemployed men women of our nation will be able to obtain.

Those who are unemployed, however, should not give up hope because there may be slow recovery in the job market on the horizon. There are reports that more businesses are asking for capital to grow and expand and more home sales are being made, both of which point to a recovering economy. Additional weeks may not be available for those who are unemployed, but there are optimistic outlooks for the availability of jobs, yet these jobs need to open quickly.