Tier 5 Unemployment Benefits Extension Proposal–Will Congress Extend Benefits For Unemployed?

Legislation working its way through Congress is reported to offer an extension for unemployed homeowners to file for unemployment benefits. However, the bill still must go through the Senate in order to be approved and put into effect. The problem that many unemployed men and women have with this legislation and Congress in general, is that there seems to be an unwillingness for additional unemployment Tiers.

While there are positive outlooks for the job market and more and more people are finding jobs, there are still a great number of long-term unemployed men and women who have been unable to find employment and who are desperately in need of additional benefits.

An extension to file through the end of the year, which is being proposed, would benefit many unemployed men and women who may miss certain cutoff dates that would allow them to file for the current extensions that are in place. Yet, there are countless men and women who have lost their unemployment benefits due to reaching the final level of the extensions that were passed during earlier legislation.

There have been few news organizations that have covered unemployed men and women and have instead focused on positive job numbers and smaller percentages when it comes to jobless claims. However, there is concern that a decrease in the number of jobless claims is due to the fact that many people simply have no more unemployment benefits for which they may file.

Unemployment is still a major problem in our nation as the job market is simply not making positions available to meet the demand of men and women who want to go back to work. While this bill that might extend the deadline to apply for benefits will help a great deal of people, better solutions need to be presented in dealing with the ongoing unemployment problem in our country.