Erasing Credit Card Debt–Are Debt Consolidation Loans Helpful Or Is There A Better Way?

Credit cards have not only become a widely used, almost habitual, form of payment for many individuals in our nation, in some ways they are now a necessity. Using a credit card and then paying off charges from month-to-month is one of the best ways to increase someone’s credit score and without a great credit score many people are disqualified from buying things ranging from a car to a home.

The problem with credit cards, since they are so widely used, is that people who have poor financial habits oftentimes find themselves dealing with credit card debt. Credit card debt is something that can be easily fallen into, however, anyone who may be looking to find a solution and get out of credit card debt may be able to do so in a variety of ways.

A debt consolidation loan for credit card debt is one way many people deal with various forms of credit card debt. A consolidation loan allows a cardholder to group all of their credit card debt into one loan and one payment. However, this can cause trouble because a cardholder may pay more money over the life of the consolidation loan and unless they learn new, more responsible financial habits they will simply find themselves in debt again.

While credit card debt consolidation can be beneficial, and anyone who feels they are going to be unable to handle their debt separately may need to use this form of debt assistance. Keep in mind though, a debt consolidation loan may cost you more money over the long run even if you get a low interest rate.

There are many financial advisers who feel that dealing with credit card debt separately is not only going to be more cost effective but it can teach the cardholder new financial habits which will help them stay out of credit card debt in the future. Many people are proponents of paying off credit card debt separately by making minimum monthly payments on all your cards except the card with the smallest balance. Then pay as much money as you can on that small balance until it is gone and then repeat the process with the rest of your cards. Dave Ramsey is one of the financial advisors who has made this method popular and has helped many people get out of debt by paying their credit cards separately.

However, despite the differing ideas and methods of paying off credit card debt, there is one universal truth when it comes to getting out of and staying out of credit card debt: developing better financial habits is a must. Saving money, budgeting, and avoiding unnecessary purchases is something that you must make a day to day practice in your financial life. Many people live in instant gratification lifestyle, which can be nice but often leads to credit card debt. By learning to save money for purchases that are not necessary and by budgeting so that credit card purchases can easily be paid off when the bill comes is going to help you get out of credit card debt now and avoid it in the future.